The Midwestern Diner is a documentary art project about food and drink in Chicago and environs. Our goal is to share the insight and experiences of everyone involved in a meal—from chefs and restaurateurs, to farmers and butchers, to brewers and grocers, to the people seated at the dining table. We eschew traditional food media like reviews or cooking shows for a nuanced, direct look into the art and craft of creating a meal, presented through the voices of the people involved.

Our content is curated by our editorial staff; individuals or establishments cannot pay to be included on the site. Vincent Labriola is the editor-in-chief of The Midwestern Diner. He is a filmmaker and documentarian from Chicago. Our website was created by Julie Grisanti and Michael Pontvert, and our content is created with the help of over thirty local filmmakers, musicians and artists.

For more information please contact us at midwesterndiner@gmail.com.